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The Housing Journal

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Summer 2012

  • 44 Years After King's Death, American Neighborhoods and Schools Remain Deeply Segregated by Daniel Denvir
  • Racial Economic Inequalities Persist, by Maz Ali & Shannon Moriarty
  • At Risk: America’s Poor During and After the Great Recession
  • A Third Way - Tenure Choices between Renting and Owning by Jeffrey Lubell

Summer 2011

  • Delaware's FY12 Affordable Housing Commitment
  • Rents Continue "Out of Reach"
  • People with Disabilities "Priced Out" of Housing
  • The New Economy Movement, Gar Alperovitz
  • DHC Day for Housing 2011

Spring 2011

  • Delaware Disability Housing Needs Study
  • Bad Budget Cuts and Worse
  • Austerity Policies and Racial Economic Inequality
  • Community Improvement Associations
  • Ellendale Civic Association Thirtieth Anniversary
  • People with Disabilities ‘Priced Out’ of Housing

Winter 2011

  • The CEPR Recession Waste Clock
  • The Racial Dimensions of the Foreclosure Crisis
  • Living Wage Solutions: BEST and ULW
  • ‘Upside-Down’ Federal Asset Building Policies
  • Accessible Assets: Disability and Asset Building
  • Fair Share Housing Measurements

Fall 2010

  • Cover: Planning for Affordable Housing in Delaware
  • ARRA: A Boost for Housing and the Economy, Anas Ben Addi
  • A Fair Share Housing Measure for Delaware
  • The New Horizons Community: Why NOT In My Back Yard?
  • Housing in the Counties’ Comprehensive Plans

Summer 2010

  • Cover: Where are our policies taking us?
  • Who Can Afford to Live in Delaware? 2010
  • The Racial Wealth Gap Increases Fourfold
  • Accessible Housing: Building to Meet the Need, Paul Calistro
  • Not-So-Rosey Rental Housing, Gina Miserendino

Spring 2010

  • Cover: Marshall Sahlins on Poverty
  • Neighborhood Stabilization Program Assists Delaware Families, Van Temple
  • The Impact of Affordable Housing on Property Values, Rachel G. Bratt
  • Accomplishing the Goals of the Fair Housing Act, Okianer Christian Dark

Winter 2010

  • Cover: Capital Green
  • Why Not In ALL Our Back Yards?
  • Governor Markell Requests $8.5 M for Housing in FY11
  • Homeless Prevention Programs in Delaware, Susan Starrett
  • Extremely Low-Income Working Group Releases Report
  • CLASI Advocates for Fair Housing, Melissa Allman

Summer 2009

  • Bigger Isn’t Better, Peter Victor
  • Homes Still Cost Too Much, John Wasik
  • Food Security, Land Use, and Housing, Gina Miserendino
  • Who Can Afford to Live in Delaware?
  • Chandler Heights - Why Not In My Back Yard?, Bill Roupp

Spring 2009

  • Cover: From Dr. King's Letter from Birmingham Jail (April 16, 1963)
  • Good Neighborhood
  • Letting White People Off the Hook, Tim Wise
  • Fair Share Housing Formulas, Elizabeth Kowalczyk
  • The Sussex County Rental Program, Sandy Spence