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Housing Counseling

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Housing Counseling

Housing counselors provide services that help low-income households assess their readiness for home ownership, improve their financial wellness, and instruct them in the increasing intricacies of the contemporary process of assuming home ownership. These counselors also work with many new first-time homebuyers after purchase to help ensure a successful continued assumption of home ownership.

In recent years, these same counselors have been called upon to assist an increasing volume of households threatened with foreclosure. Some of these families have suffered temporary, unforeseen setbacks such as death, illness, disability, or layoff. Others have fallen victim to lending practices and financial instruments which have truly devastated their status as home owners and their future creditworthiness and housing stability.

In Delaware, there were 5,112 foreclosure filings in 2011, down from a record high of 6,276 foreclosures and 2,539 sheriff sales the year before.

Delaware Housing Counseling Agencies

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Maryland and Delaware, Inc. First State Community Action Agency Hockessin Community Center
Mary Rammel, 877.207.5682 Eva Ramos, 302.674.1355 Roslyn Smith, 302.239.2363
Housing Opportunities of Northern Delaware, Inc. Interfaith Community Housing Delaware NCALL
Gladys Spikes, 302.429.0794 Tracy Spriggs, 302.652.3991 Denise Freeman, 302.678.9400
Neighborhood House, Inc. West End Neighborhood House YWCA Centers for Homeownership Education
Brenda S Dryden, 302.652.3928 Betty Webb, 302.658.4171 Keitra Winn, 302.224.4060