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Kind Policy Award

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The Kind Policy Award was given for the first time in 1997. It takes its name from the "Kind Hearted Woman" symbol of the Great Depression which became a way for one transient person to communicate to the next that the house outside which the sign was scratched or drawn was a home where a meal might be obtained and human kindness was present.

So the Kind Policy Award is not just a recognition of housing achievements, but also a means of taking note of Delawareans who have helped to make our state a more hospitable place for our fellow citizens who are ill-housed, precariously housed, and homeless. Its essence is the treatment of fellow human beings in a way which conveys respect and equality, while attempting to help.

Previous Kind Policy Makers

The Administrative Commission on the Speer Trust (New Castle Presbytery) for their understanding and nurturing of the work of tenant organizing in Delaware

Michael Allen, Esq. for his ardent and patient work for civil rights and fair housing opportunity in Delaware and nationally.

Diane Berry, President, Greenfield Manor Resident Council for her leadership to Section 8 residents of Greenfield Manor and in the entire state

Alice Brandreth for her work over many years helping to form and guide the Public Assistance Task Force and in making the realities of poverty in Delaware an issue of public importance

Kim Brockenbrough, Manager, The Housing Capacity Building Program and former Director, The Shepherd Place for the spirit of mutual respect which she has brought to all of her years of working with the homeless and the housed

Senator George Bunting, Delaware General Assembly for his concern for affordable housing issues in Sussex County and in the state and his promotion of more security of tenure for mobile home/manufactured home residents

Representative Michael N. Castle for his attention to rural housing development needs and the right of tenants to organize

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (Wilmington Diocese) for their understanding and nurturing of the work of tenant organizing in Delaware

Dr. Karen Curtis, Associate Professor, University of Delaware for her encouragement of many grassroots community initiatives and her dedication to research which makes a difference in the lives of ordinary Delawareans

Micki Edelsohn, The Homes For Life Foundation for her dedication to improving and expanding community based housing for people with developmental disabilities

Del Failing, Deputy Director, People's Place for his lifelong dedication to providing housing with effective supportive services

First State R. C. And D. for its unique and effective housing rehabilitation program

Bishop Major Foster, Philadelphia Holiness Church for his work for the poor and homeless of Sussex County

James Gilliam, Sr. for his lifelong commitment to decent and fair housing and equal treatment of all

Marian L. Harris, The House of P.R.I.D.E. for her passionate support of the holistic approach to recovery

Terri Hasson, Vice President, Citibank Delaware for her extraordinary championing of manufactured housing communities

Marian Hinson, Director, Home Life Management Center for lifelong work among the homeless and displaced of New Castle County

Richard Kirschner, former Director, The Sunday Breakfast Mission for his initiative in meeting the needs of the homeless men

Annie McKenzie for her faith-based ministry to the homeless and neglected of Wilmington

Morris, Nichols, Arsht, and Tunnell, Jack B. Blumenfeld, Esq., Benjamin Orye, Esq., Rodger D. Smith, III, Esq., William H. Sudell, Jr., Esq., and Erika Y. Tross, Esq. for helping Greenfield Manor tenants save their homes

Joe Myer, Executive Director, NCALL Research for his dedication to meeting rural housing needs and fostering the growth of community-based housing groups

Sadie Nance, President, Delaware State Wide Association of Tenants for her patient and visionary leadership in the founding of the first statewide organization for poor renters

The League of Women Voters of Greater Dover The League of Women Voters of New Castle County The League of Women Voters of Sussex County for their stalwart support of grassroots democracy and tenants' participation in the fate of their communities

Betty Obst for her contributions to nonprofit housing development and to meeting the needs of the homeless

Steve Peuquet, CCDFP, College of Education, University of Delaware for dedication to engaged research, documentation of homeless issues, and the expansion of affordable housing

Lori Phillips, Esq., May 7, 1956 - April 18, 2004, The Law Offices of Edward C. Gill for her zealous advocacy for decent housing in Delaware

Norman Poole, Better Homes of Seaford for his work with the board of Better Homes of Seaford for more than twenty-five years, many of them as president, to leverage diverse funding resources and produce innovative and unique housing communities.

Roger Pryor, Discover Bank for his vigorous and wholehearted support of community groups and affordable housing

Olga Ramirez, Community Legal Aid Society for her work over many years helping to form and guide the Public Assistance Task Force and in making the realities of poverty in Delaware an issue of public importance

Roland Roosevelt Ridgeway, First USA for lifelong commitment to the success of nonprofits and for creative and insightful community reinvestment policies

Tina Riley for her work to help tenant councils, from Claymont to Rehoboth, to organize and to provide training to of tenant leaders.

Michael D. Skipper, WSFS Bank for his thoughtful and effective advocacy for fresh solutions to the affordable housing needs of Delaware

Karen Speakman, Deputy Director, NCALL Research for her dedication to providing of housing to the ill-housed

Roxie Sturgis for innovative housing counseling and education and successful placement work with the homeless

Harold Truxon, President, Ellendale Civic Association for his lifelong work to improve the life and community of Ellendale

David J. Weidman, Esq., Hudson, Jones, Jaywork, & Fisher for his wise and effective counselor to the Morris Mill Pond Cooperative

Catherine Wheat for her work with the residents of Oak Orchard West Manufactured Home Park

Chris White, Deputy Director, Community Legal Aid Society for his advocacy on the behalf of the tenants and the homeless of Delaware