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Housing for All


Our mission is to promote the empowerment and transformation of communities by ensuring equitable and sustainable housing for all Delawareans.

History of DHC

For thirty years, the Delaware Housing Coalition (DHC) has advocated for safe, decent and affordable housing throughout the state.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Delaware Housing Coalition is composed of 15 to 19 members, with 4 representatives from each county and the rest serving as "at large" members.


DHC advocates for extremely low income households, fair share housing, and new housing strategies. Learn more about DHC's efforts to remedy these problems.

Kind Policy Award

The Kind Policy Award, which takes its name from the "Kind Hearted Woman" symbol of the Great Depression, became a way for one transient person to communicate to the next.

A Housing Retrospective

A chronology of community development and housing for the State of Delaware and nationally.

Strategic Plan

DHC has developed a strategic plan for the period of 2014-2016 to address the housing issues in Delaware that are discussed on this site.